Valentine’s Song (inspired by Ender’s Game)

We all know the Ender’s Game movie is coming out soon. If Ender’s Game was ever made into a Broadway musical, this would be a ballad at the end of the third act, sung by Valentine to her brother before they fly away.

Video footage by NASA, used under Creative Commons

Guitar chords and mp3 at


It’s a paradox of achieving world peace
with peace as the end, using war as the means
To ensure the continued survival of man
they took you and trained you
put a gun in your hand

Who of us asks to be born on this earth
and is there a purpose above
Ender, the hopes of the world hung on you
but despite all the war
don’t forget you were made for love


Run away
to the stars beyond stars
leaving behind
wars upon wars
There’s power in the violence within
in kissing the snake you found love without end


What do we do
now that your work is through
We are saved by the buggers’ defeat

To keep you from being
a pawn in the hands
of our brother dear Peter
we will have to soon leave here
and fly across space, across time


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