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01. Nothing’s gonna change my love for you
02. Everything i do do it for you
03. I will always love you
04. Love in dreams
05. Right here waiting for you
06. When you say nothing at all
07. My love
08. Empty seaport
09. A time for us
10. Alice blue eyes
11. I cant stop loving you
12. Missing
13. Scarborough fair
14. I really dont want to know
15. Romance de amour
16. Qianying
17. Yesterday once more
18. Love is blue
19. By my side
20. Long for love
21. Seal with a kiss
22. Brahmss serenade
23. Again
24. How can i tell her
25. Jing zhong di an na
26. The pray of young girl
27. From the reginning until now
28. Behind you

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