Minecraft 1.10 Snapshot – POLAR BEAR & Cubs, Husk Zombie, Stray Skeleton, Bone Fossils, Magma Blocks:

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Let’s take a look at the new Snapshot updates available this week for Minecraft 1.9 the Combat Update (15w44a & 15w44b) and run down the list of new features & fixes added, including Hay Bales preventing 80% of fall damage, Hunger saturation healing hearts quickly, craftable End Rods & End Crystals that respawn the Ender Dragon boss, new Luck & Bad Luck Status effects & potions, Buckets taking water out of Cauldrons, the Mending enchantment working on Shields, Tipped Arrows obtainable in survival with Lingering Potions, Golden Apples reverting to Regeneration II, Enchanted Golden Apples / Notch Apples being uncraftable but found rarely in loot chests, Loot table improvements & chest re-balancing, and more. Also, lots of optimizations & bug fixes. Thanks for watching guys…1.9 is almost feature complete & ready!

1st Minecraft 1.9 Snapshot – Ender Dragon Update, Shulker Mob, End City Sky Ship, New Blocks, Arrows, Dual Wielding:

Sword Sweep Attack for Groups & Axe Shield Stun:

New Anti-Click Spam – Attack Strength Combat Mechanic:

1.9 Shields – How to Craft, Repair, Add a Banner Design:

Minecraft Snapshot Update News:

Seed: 15w44b

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