Follow the adventure of a hero (Steve) who sets out to free the land of the fierce Ender Dragon.

My goal with this film was to take on Minecraft with a medieval theme. For the medieval aspect I was inspired by Skyrim and Lord of the Rings. I’m not the best expert there is on Minecraft but I tried to incorporate as many main elements there are from the game that makes it so unique into the story.
I completed the film in 10 days. I had to cut out some scenes from the original story due to animation scheduling conflicts.
Also if your following the DC/Marvel crossover series be sure to stay for the post credit scene. Things are going to get heated up starting in the next chapter.

Directed, Animated, and Music Composed by Tristan Kilmer
Written by David Kilmer and Tristan Kilmer

Narration preformed by Neon Icy Wings

Bret Newton as Captain Marvel
Coulter Rail as Plastic Man
Connor Sheehy as Spider Man

Special thanks to Wendy Morales, Sejung Kwak, Sara Kang, and Michael Ruiz

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