Sir Render –
Barely made it… just barely
Honestly I had absolutely no idea what to do for the thumbnail
Hopefully it does intrigues some people to give it a quick look see XD

I put quite a bit of effort into this and honestly I gotta say I really enjoy this games combat system animation cancelling is really fun in most games when it comes to making combos

as to why I decided to make this video somewhat suddenly
as some of you may know there are a massive amount of youtubers and streamers fundraising for the whole Corona Virus using #HopeFromHome or #UnitedWeStream

Well I wanted to do my part unfortunately my internet is for lag of a better word not good so I can’t really stream

So I decided if I can’t stream then I might as well try to do something special and honestly a surprising amount of people are just not giving this game the love it really deserves so I wanted to drive some hype up to the best of my ability and while I’m at it maybe I could help some people a pretty good two for one in my opinion

Anyway links are below if you want you can donate
If you donate through me I have some Pun..Rewards set up

I don’t really expect a whole lot so I put some dumb stuff people might enjoy that I am 100% willing to do should the numbers reach

Special Thanks to GaMetal for his cover of Meridian Dance
His Channel is also Linked below if you liked the song check it out on his channel as well

If you could I’d appreciate it if you’d Comment Like and/or Subscribe every little bit helps and I’m pretty active in the Comments myself so if you got any questions I’ll do my best to answer them

This Channel’s content is not for Children

Thank you very much for watching
I hope you enjoy the Vidya
Good Knight!

– GaMetal Meridian Dance

– Jack Septic Eye’s Video on #HopeFromHome

– My Donation Page for #HopeFromHome at 25$ I will make a Video where I sing the Sonic Heroes Theme

I warn you I’ve been called Tone Deaf So it might be a Treat XD

– The Main Charity Website if you wanna learn more and maybe Participate yourself or if you wanna Donate under someone elses page
That’s fine too Let’s Do Our Best and have fun!


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