Original theme by:
Patrick Jeffords (Kidtrails/ Toro y Moi)
Charlotte Hacker Mullen (Sludgepony)

Let me tell ya bout a pup who’s name is ender
He’s always game for a big adventure
He loves chasing squirrels
And pretty girls

Half pit Bull and half Dalmatian
Defending our planet from annihilation
He’s a super hero
Puppy dog

Hes always makin funny noises
Every time he goes to bed
I wonder what he’s dreaming about
In his giant puppy dog head…

(Camping, Lake Merritt, The Hatch, Batman)

He’s trained and he’s loyal and he’s at your service
He never gets cranky and he never gets nervous
Oooh he’s so sweet
Can We give him a treat?
My buddy Enders the coolest dog you’ll ever meet

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