Guess you could say Ender had a lot on his mental
Abused manipulated it’s rather kinda sinful
At the end of it all he was the fool to get involved
Never went to that school he could’ve dodged it all
Buggers got the missile and they died causing a ripple
Can’t go back to Earth or else he’d have to dodge the pistol
Guess it all thanks to being the man in the middle
Peter and Valentine play him like an instrumental
Peter was rather fearful can’t believe he got control of a couple lives
Guess the Earth will let anybody in office by surprise
I thought Ender would be the crown King
Guess not
Everything just sounds better when it’s happening
Ringer calling Valentine wants him following
The game he played was a game of change
A psychological breakdown of his inner being
Guess they wanted a killer not a human being
And Graff and Rackham won all this time
Feel sorry for my little homie
Broke him down like antimony
No love just phonies
Nothing real just bologna
You don’t even understand though
He was a genius who hated to shoot ammo
Bonzo and Stilson he never meant take em down like a combo
Guess all those games were a for show and throw
To get him broke
He was feeding tokens to a machine to get him heartbroken
It was just the real battle in disguise
He always playing the game
Just they call it by a different names
Throw they brain
Kids fighting for a some lies and bitter cause
Cause they don’t understand the queen of the buggers and all
I’m so glad he finally found his path
He broke through all the noise and finally took a grab
Finding them another home was were he belonged all along
Cause the buggers understood him all along
He was lonely caste out to fight against the rest
A solo bounded kamikaze meant for subtle rest

He came he saw he performed
He made a mess he wrecked havoc
He made some friends he fought undressed
He broke a neck he clawed a giant
He froze the rest he knew the next
He loved his enemies the best
He showed respect came with a vest
Playing the game like chess
Guess when you see the world with open eyes you see
You see
Can’t have ya cake and eat it to
Makes me wonder who was really the enemy
Makes me wonder who really was the third
Makes me really wonder and keeps me wondering
When the hook say cash just think of Graff
When the hook say money just think of running
Did he commit genocide or suicide
Guess we’ll know in due time
Did he commit genocide or suicide
Guess we’ll know in due time
Graff rules everything around me for free
Get ta get ta get ta get ta running do do don’t come around here y’all


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