Medley of songs from the Ender’s Game movie soundtrack. Actually it’s a combination of “The Battle Room” and another recurring theme. Music composed by Steve Jablonsky. Recorded in my living room. My apologies for the slightly crackly microphone; I need to do some experimenting to fix that.

Several people have asked for sheet music…the trouble is, I learn things by ear (not always, but this piece for sure). However, I can post the chord progression used for the majority of the themes:

Dm Bb Am F C Dm Bb A

this is the chord progression for the intro and the main melody part of “The Battle Room;” after the key change it goes to Gm:

Gm Eb Dm Bb F Gm Eb D

Someday I may go to the trouble of transcribing it to sheet music, but until then, those are the main chord progressions.


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