I uploaded this before there was a movie. A lot of fans were making fan-trailers in an effort to say “we want a movie”. And it worked. I’ve kept my original description below as an archive.

UPDATE: Looks like we’re finally going to get our movie. Ref:

This is a fan produced movie trailer for Enders Game, the film version of the best selling novel Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, recipient of both the Hugo and Nebula awards.

There are lots of rumors around pertaining to this movie, most of them are reported to be “insider information” which really means that some kid needs attention. Originally Wolfgang Petersen was said to be mulling over the idea as a director but that didn’t pan out. However when Card returned in 2009 with the novel “Ender in Exile” it seemed to have rekindle the idea and it was announced in Sept 2010 that a project about a boy hero is now back in active development as independent production by Odd Lot Entertainment.

OSC has written several screen play versions of his book and of interest to many fans, there’s now a big-name filmmaker involved with the project — Gavin Hood, who directed the Oscar-winning “Tsotsi” and last year’s comic book franchise “X Men Origins: Wolverine.” Hood has done a rewrite of Card’s most recent script and is developing the project as a director.

So with both a Producer and a Director lined up it seems we are closer than ever to having a new movie to wait for. Of course true fans have been waiting for the movie since the introduction of the original book.


P.S. The best Ender’s Game fan made trailer can be seen here:

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