This is my compilation of Steve Jablonsky’s score to Ender’s Game. Listed below are the tracks I used, in order.

1 – Ender’s War (As I try to do in all of my suites, this is the opening track of the film and sets the stage.)

2 – Dragons Win (I hate to say that most of this score is generic Jablonsky action cues but it is catchy. This comes from Ender solidifying himself as a leader by taking a rag tag group and defeating two enemy squads through ingenuity.)

3 – Graduation Day (This is Ender’s speech leading into the final battle culminating in their graduation.)

4 – Final Test (The final battle, this music goes incredibly well with the battle, it synched perfectly and had me on the edge of my seat during the film.)

5 – Ender’s Promise (This track is the end of the film and the end of the suite, it reprises Ender’s Theme with majestic horn and bombastic drums, flourished by string runs and deep bass.)

I do not own copyright on any of the music from Ender’s Game, only ownership of this suite. Purchase Ender’s Game by Steve Jablonsky on iTunes if you liked the score. A lot of it was atmospheric and repetitive, I feel this suite embodied most of what Jablonsky was trying to achieve thematically. As always, comments are welcome and encouraged.


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