Animations Rendered in Blender using Eevee 2.81a. I use Cycles for stills.

These were all the Slasher/Killer Outfits I could find in PTB files. I missed the huntress recolor of Owl outfit ill render that in my next video where i recolored her face. The dark blue background was meant only for spirit but i messed up and it applied for every render in blender.. it dint look too bad so i kept it.

Audio Credit:
1) Dead by Daylight theme
2) Dead by Daylight Doctor theme
3) Dead by Daylight Lunar event theme
4) Dead by Daylight Plague theme
5) Dead by Daylight Stranger Things theme and Demogorgon SFX
6) Dead by Daylight Legion theme.
7) Dead by Daylight Shattered Bloodlines theme
Score Credit : Michel F. April


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