This is a recording of my #basicswithblender stream where we will go through learning how to use blender, a free 3d modelling application, and create a scene from the lord of the rings from start to finish! Basics with Blender is a series of episodic tutorials for the fundamentals of modelling with blender.

Lets do some more fundamentals and look at what the various rendering options do in Eevee and how they compare to cycles and why you would want to use each and when.

Come join in the streams so you can ask any questions and get feedback and help live! learning by doing is the best way to gain a new skill!

Id love to see what you create, and have you join in live on twitch for each of the streams!
share your creations on the discord server here: on instagram/twitter with the hashtag #basicswithblender so we can all see how its going or give tips!

a big shoutout to my Patrons who really help me keep going!

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